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Aalund specialises in BtB market research, internal communication and employee surveys.

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Our speciality is a time saving online tool, which helps managers, group leaders and employees in creating new solutions.




PR Barometer® is northern Europe’s largest communications survey that measures journalists’ perceptions of organisations’ and businesses’ press-related activities and their general media profile.
Customer Feedback is a relationship building tool that focuses on how a company’s performance is assessed by its customers.
Aalund Financial is helping companies in the financial industry getting better knowledge of their own clients and securing new clients, both on a strategic and operational level, to increase the profit and develop business concepts and practices.
In Organisational Dialogue the objective is to listen to employees and managers in a process that is based on online dialogue and where the focus is on the subsequent action plan.
ICM is an internal communication survey in the form of an efficient and user-friendly online tool that is designed to improve an organisation’s internal communication.
CustomerMonitor has been developed specifically for accounting firms focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in collaboration with the national audit associations in the Nordic countries.
We carry out research among the company’s external stakeholders - for example: customers, potential customers, distributors, suppliers, opinion leaders, subsidiaries, employees and leaders.

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