In 2014 we decided to use the new Aalund release Organisational Dialogue 2.0 as our annual employee survey.

We were aiming for a more dynamic tool, which the Organisational Dialogue 2.0 in a convincing way turned out to be.

It has been easy to use the tool – for the administrator as well as managers and employees.

Compared to former solutions the Organisational Dialogue has delivered a much faster overview - and the possibility - in detail - to focus on potentials for improvement. – It is easy to analyse issues where management challenges are found - and easy to create relevant benchmarks with other departments in the Nic. Christiansen Group.

The built-in help tools make the system smooth to use. It is easy to create the different reports as well as to follow up on how managers use the survey results. - The system is intuitive.

When we asked Aalund for a help tool to make an overview of the managers’ built-in action plans based on the survey, they defined a new project to meet our wish before next measurement.

I can only recommend this system to organisations that demand effective and flexible employee surveys, and where the follow up work is supported by the system.

NCG Group in brief
The Nic. Christiansen Group is located in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Turnover 3.200 mill DKK. - Import of Jaguar, Land Rover and Hyundai.
Operates two retail chains including 15 outlets / repair shops and 8 automobile brands.
Jan Johannesen , Head of Group HR