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Aalund Financial

Customer & Market Research

Aalund Financial is helping companies in the financial industry getting better knowledge of their own clients and securing new clients, both on a strategic and operational level, to increase the profit and develop business concepts and practices.

Aalund Financial has offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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Aalund has worked with financial businesses for 25 years. We have worked on and developed knowledge, tools and experience. We solve customer orientated problems of every sort for Board of Directors, Management and Employees.


We have directed our market- and customer insight at unique business analyses that encompass the following:

The Bank Barometer Business – A tool for the handling of the Business customer environment. Based on the largest sample of Business customer’s relationships with their banks  

The Company Pension Barometer–The Pension market’s tool for customers at business level. Used for management of decision maker’s satisfaction, image and loyalty to their pension company.

The Labour Market Pension Barometer – A tool for further development of the labour market pensions companies. Based around input from the individual pension member.

The Audit Barometer – Tool to help in navigating an accountancy market undergoing huge changes.


A large part of the projects at Aalund Financial are specially designed research and consulting for the individual finance business for a specific purpose.


We work with the following types of financial activity

  • Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Investment in securities and in general
  • M&A / Market due diligence
  • Credit cards and payment solution services
  • Pension – Commercial businesses, pension funds and agents
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Leasing

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