Market Research B2B

Market Research B2B

Stakeholder Management

We carry out research among the company’s external stakeholders - for example: customers, potential customers, distributors, suppliers, opinion leaders, subsidiaries, employees and leaders. And we advise on methods for increasing customer satisfaction, relationship-building, customer loyalty and market attractiveness.


Market Research Products

Over the last 25 years, Aalund has developed solutions and concepts to approach market issues facing B2B companies in all branches of industry. We call these concepts the Aalund products. Our products ensure that our customers have access to hundreds of hours of development thinking related to Customer Feedback, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Improvement, Market Surveillance, Business Opportunity Studies and Win/Loss analyzes.


Aalund Market Surveys

Every year, we perform a number of comprehensive B2B market surveys for the telecommunications, auditing, business consulting, banking and pensions markets. The surveys provide companies with valuable input for improving customer and market performance. Our surveys are bought by the largest suppliers in several Scandinavian countries.