As we were aiming to create a completely new customer survey, we contacted Aalund Nordic, a company which we had worked together with earlier.
I was also in contact with other suppliers, but the flexibility that Aalund showed, and the confidence I felt towards them, meant that they received the job.

I have been working with orders from suppliers for 13 years, which has given me high demands on the companies that I chose to work with, and as we are now finished with the survey Aalund Nordic even exceeded my demands.

The reason I am so happy with their services is because they have shown a lot of knowledge in the field, and that they are pro-active with both support and advice. Aalund Nordic has shown that they are innovative, and the finished product is a solution which feels tailor-made for our own needs. A high availability and on-time delivery is two characteristics suiting for Aalund.

The survey is now completed, and I can only state that it turned out exactly the way we wanted, because both we and Aalund worked hard with each specific question in the survey. The technical solution, CustomerFeedback, is the foundation for making the survey usable on many different levels in the organization. It gives an opportunity to cut the data both in segments as well as in geographic levels. For our CRM-unit, this type of tool is extremely valuable, as we now can create specific goals for activities, and follow these up from time to time.

CustomerFeedback is an advanced system which provides the results in a very user-friendly manner. The concept itself gives an overview of the whole organization, while also giving the choice of going down to a detailed level. Above these functions, CustomerFeedback also has many other features. To name a few, it has built-in functions for transferring the data sheets to PowerPoint.

Thanks to this customer survey we can now follow up on changes that we make, and get feedback whether or not we do things right from the customer’s perspective.

Jennie Sundqvist, CRM Manager