Rådek decided to pursue a customer survey during fall 2016. We chose to cooperate with Aalund and the Customer Monitor because of their connection with FAR. We haven’t had anyone to do this for us prior this survey. We are satisfied of what Aalund have done for us, they are professional and have given us valuable advice during this journey to be able to retrieve as much as possible from the survey. On top of that, there were many open answers from our customers in the result.
Because of that we were able to reconnect and correct flaws that our customers has pointed out for us. It has been highly valuable. We also chose to get an presentation from Aalund and that was an important part as well to get a good overview of the outcome. Aalund has through the survey given us unique information on our whereabouts within critical segments in our line of business, in which we must improve to develop Rådek into an even more successful company.

Johan Rudengren, Partner