In the Nic. Christiansen Group we have since 2003 worked together with med Aalund.
In 2014 we also decided to use ”Organisational Dialogue” – the employee survey tool from Aalund.

This online tool is intuitive and very easy to use. You do not even need to read the short manual.
Organisational Dialogue is a really nice tool with a lot of user friendly functionalities. – Eg. a good presentation tool designed for meetings. A feedback button and more help tools.

It is much easier to analyse things in this system. You can get to the bottom of your problem right away in complete detail – in every department and get statements for explanation.

A clear benefit is that this is a born online system – and not an electronic power point solution.
You are able to examine the results from all kinds of angles – and to add the benchmarks you want to use. Naturally it is very time saving to use this system instead of 400 paper / power point pages.

NCG Group in brief
The Nic. Christiansen Group is located in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Turnover 3.200 mill DKK. - Import of Jaguar, Land Rover and Hyundai.
Operates two retail chains including 15 outlets / repair shops and 8 automobile brands.
Jan Stærmose-Enke, CFO