What We Do

What We Do


Aalund specializes in the B2B market.

We work with target groups and stakeholders.
We assist with sales, communication and business development:

  • How is the company positioned in relation to customers, rivalling-customers and stakeholders?
  • Why is the company perceived in the way that it is?
  • Which initiatives should the company take?

  • We have 28 years of experience.
  • We have B2B call centers in Oslo and Aarhus.
  • We have a report-software second to none. A general view and a depth that cannot be achieved in PowerPoint or any ordinary presentation software.


Social responsibility

As a company Aalund wants to make a difference by taking a social responsibility and helping people in need. That’s why Aalund has over the years passed on nearly DKK 1 million in donations from the company itself and its employees and business journalists in the Nordic countries to various charities. Below is a list of donations for the last three years:

Aalund’s donations